Taproom & Brewhouse

HooDoo Brewing Co. Fairbanks, Alaska

Early HooDoo taproom plans.

HooDoo Brewing Company is located right in the middle of Fairbanks, easily accessible from anywhere in town.  Our Taproom is a great place to enjoy a fresh beer straight from the source.  

The open layout allows you to come right into the brewery and see our beautiful brewing process first hand while enjoying the fruits of our labor. Beer by the glass, growler fills and keg will all be available in the taproom.

The HooDoo brewhouse is a custom built, steam-heated 15-barrel three-vessel system made by San Diego-based Premier Stainless. It consists of a dedicated mash tun, lauter tun, and a combination boil kettle/whirlpool. This brewhouse will allow us to perform single and multiple-step infusion mashing regimes, as well as single decoction mashing. The brewhouse vessels are heated by low-pressure steam.

HooDoo Brewing Co. - Fermenters - Fairbanks Alaska

Nice views from the HooDoo brewhouse.

In our cellar, we have four 30 barrel cylindroconical fermentation tanks. The tanks are double sized related to the brewhouse, allowing us to combine two brews into a single tank. Our beer is naturally carbonated in these tanks using a spunding technique. We also have two 30-barrel dish bottom bright tanks. These tanks are used for beer maturation and conditioning.