Solar Power & Beer Making Go Hand-In-Hand

We are pleased to announce that we are the first in Alaska to significantly harness solar power for our brewery operations. Great for our community, great for the environment and great for us too!

We began our new rooftop solar installation project as soon as snow melted off the brewery this April. We energized the array of 60 solar panels in mid-May, and it’s estimated the system will produce up to 110 kilowatt hours of electricity per day, or about one-third of our power per year. Additionally, it will reduce the CO2 produced by combustion by roughly 1.5 tons per month during the summer season.
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Stay Tuned!

He's a Brewer, not Picasso.

Very early sketches of HooDoo.

We’re preparing to update this area regularly with posts about Brewing at HooDoo, Pilot Beers, more Beer and eventually, this will be the most up-to-date place to see what we are brewing and what is on tap here in the taproom.

So stay tuned (and thirsty)!
Lots of great things to come.