Kegs & Fills

KEGS - HooDoo Brewing Co - Fairbanks - Alaska

5gallon HooDoo kegs, patiently waiting their fill.

Beer from HooDoo can be enjoyed by the glass in our tasting room, and is available to-go in 5gal kegs or in 1/2gal growlers.

We have kegs available for purchase – up to 5 gallons, per person, per day. Stop by the taproom or call to check availability, 907-459-2337 (BEER).

Before bottled beer became economical and common in the US, if one wanted beer outside of the saloon, it was usually draught beer filled and carried out in a growler, aka a “can” or “bucket” of beer.

Many different containers (including pitchers, other pottery or glass jars and jugs, etc) were used to carry beer home or to work – the most common “growler” was a 2 quart galvanized or enameled pail. Is this how the patrons of Fairbanks Pioneer Brewing Company took beer-to-go in the 1930’s?

"rinsing the growlers" - Growler History

Famous photograph of beer-to-go, "Rinsing The Growlers"

Now-a-days, growlers are mainly glass.Using growlers is economical and environmentally sound since the vessel being used to transport the beer is cleaned then reused. We will have our glass growlers in rotation and available for purchase in the taproom. Take HooDoo to-go!