On Tap


Our Taproom and Biergarten is a great place to have a pint. It’s the only place in town with our constantly rotating draft selections and the only place where you can grab our beer to go. You can also find our brews available on draft at these fine establishments around Interior Alaska.

Updated: 1/14/19 Taps may rotate and subject to availability.

Here’s what’s On Tap

German Kölsch

Taste: Crisp, Smooth, European

German Malt, German Hops, German brewing process. Our German Kölsch is a testament to simplicity, tradition and quality. Using the same malt, hops, and process as a brewery in Cologne, Germany (where Kölsch originates), we strived to replicate the style in every way possible. 4-Pack tallboys available in the Taproom to-go.
ABV: 5.1% // IBU: 25 // OG: 11.9

Centennial ESB

Taste: Toasty, Resinous, Tangerine

First brewed to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of UAF, this beer is made with malts from the Pacific Northwest, Germany, Belgium, and England. A complex hop bill includes Oregon grown Horizon, Strata, and Centennial used in the boil, along with a dry-hopping after fermentation of tropical Mosaic hops from Washington.
ABV: 4.8% // IBU: 49 // OG: 11.3

American IPA

Taste: Floral, Citrus, Balanced

Our IPA has a juicy backbone of Northwest US pale and crystal malts. Big floral and citrus hop aroma and flavor balance out the delicious malty base. A true-to-style American IPA.
ABV: 7.2% // IBU: 73 // OG: 16.5

Vanilla Porter

Taste: Vanilla, Chocolate, Caramel

A rich base of English Maris Otter pale malt, layered with 7 specialty malts from England, Belgium and the US to create this distinctive and unique Porter.  After fermentation, we aged the beer on the finest Madagascar Vanilla beans to add an elegant and rich dimension.  The heady aroma draws you in to take a sip and from there the beer unfolds it’s layers of complexity.  An English ale yeast compliments the malt and vanilla flavors with a characterful nuttiness.  The beer finishes with a light roastiness and a hint of vanilla to balance.
ABV: 5.6% // IBU: 20 // OG: 14.2

HooDoo Stout

Taste: Creamy, Coffee, Chocolate

A cross between an Oatmeal and Cream stout, this beer is made with dark roasted barley malts, flaked oats and milk sugar that lend it deep milk chocolate and creamed coffee aromas and flavors.
ABV: 5.8% // IBU: 45 // OG: 15.5

2019 English Barleywine

Taste: Full-Bodied, Caramel, Warming

2019 Barleywine is our interpretation of a classic English Barleywine – the strongest of all the English Ales and a showcase of malt flavor and complexity. Focused on the rich, luscious flavors of Maris Otter malt from England, this beer has multiple layers of flavor and aroma that are explored with each flavorful sip.
ABV: 10.1% // IBU: 35 // OG: 23.2

3:41 Imperial Stout

Taste: Malty, Chocolate, Smoke

Thick, rich, and flavorful, this beer was brewed to commemorate the winter solstice in Fairbanks – a day lasting only 3 hours and 41 minutes. Roasted grains, caramelized malts, and rolled oats provide a full body and texture, while peat smoked malt adds a distinctive smokiness. Available in 750mL bottles and will age well for 10+ years.
ABV: 10.6% // IBU: 48 // OG: 24.1