On Tap


Our Taproom and Biergarten is a great place to have a pint. It’s the only place in town with our constantly rotating draft selections and the only place where you can grab our beer to go. You can also find our brews available on draft at these fine establishments around Interior Alaska.

Updated: 8/22/18 Taps may rotate and subject to availability.

Here’s what’s On Tap

German Kölsch

Taste: Crisp, Smooth, European

German Malt, German Hops, German brewing process. Our German Kölsch is a testament to simplicity, tradition and quality. Using the same malt, hops, and process as a brewery in Cologne, Germany (where Kölsch originates), we strived to replicate the style in every way possible. 4-Pack tallboys available in the Taproom to-go.
ABV: 5.1% // IBU: 25 // OG: 11.9

Bavarian Weissbier

Taste: Banana, Clove, Bready

Summer is in full swing and few beers are more appropriate than our Bavarian Weissbier brewed in the German tradition. Crisp, effervescent, and refreshing, all while carrying with it a richness that only the finest German barley and wheat malts can provide. On top of these fantastic ingredients, the true star in the Weissbier is the yeast: This strain has been used in Germany for centuries.
ABV: 4.9% // IBU: 10 // OG: 11.6

New England IPA

Taste: Tripical, Juicy, Fruity

Also known as Hazy or Juicy IPA, this sub-style of India Pale Ale tends to focus more on hop flavor, aroma and mouthfeel, and less on bitterness and appearance. Our interpretation includes oats, wheat, and barley in the grain bill and is hopped heavily in the boil kettle (mostly late additions) with Horizon, Amarillo, Centennial, and Mosaic hops. After fermentation the beer is dry-hopped with more Amarillo and Citra hops.
ABV: 6.5% // IBU: 54 // OG: 15.5

American IPA

Taste: Floral, Citrus, Balanced

Our IPA has a juicy backbone of Northwest US pale and crystal malts. Big floral and citrus hop aroma and flavor balance out the delicious malty base. A true-to-style American IPA.
ABV: 7.2% // IBU: 73 // OG: 16.5

American Black Ale

Taste: Chocolate, Blueberry, Grapefruit

Also referred to as a Black IPA or Cascadian Dark Ale, our Black Ale is a marriage of Cascade hops – known for their classic citrus flavor – and rich malt flavors. The use of specialty grains that are de-husked before roasting allows for deep chocolate notes without astringent roast flavors normally found in dark styles like Stout.
ABV: 6.1% // IBU: 65 // OG: 15.7

HooDoo Stout

Taste: Creamy, Coffee, Chocolate

A cross between an Oatmeal and Cream stout, this beer is made with dark roasted barley malts, flaked oats and milk sugar that lend it deep milk chocolate and creamed coffee aromas and flavors.
ABV: 5.8% // IBU: 45 // OG: 15.5