Stay Tuned!

He's a Brewer, not Picasso.

Very early sketches of HooDoo.

We’re preparing to update this area regularly with posts about Brewing at HooDoo, Pilot Beers, more Beer and eventually, this will be the most up-to-date place to see what we are brewing and what is on tap here in the taproom.

So stay tuned (and thirsty)!
Lots of great things to come.

HooDoo Update on Dr. Fermento’s Blog

HooDoo Brewing Co. Bobby Wilken - Fairbanks, Alaska2300 miles. 50mph. We made it up the Cassiar Highway and the Alaska Highway in one piece. Well, our muffler is in three pieces, and our starter is in about eight pieces, so lets just call it a bakers dozen. Our malt is dry, no flat tires, plentiful beer, and good weather. It’s good to be back… Dr. Fermento called in curiosity…
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Keeping It Close To Home

There was no doubt that Dr. James Fermento was going to be the one to first break the HooDoo story to the masses. In this article for the Anchorage Press, Dr. Fermento interviews Brewmaster/Owner Bobby Wilken diving into how he got started, what brought him to this point and what HooDoo means anyway…
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HooDoo on Fairbanks’ News 13

News13 - Fairbanks Alaska - HooDoo Brewing Co.[VIDEO] A nice segment about the progress! News 13 covers a new brewery under construction in Fairbanks, Alaska.
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Alaska Brewery News, By Dr. Fermento

HooDoo SteelDr. Fermento, on his blog Last Frontier Beer, gave HooDoo a little shout out last winter in an article talking about all the new breweries in our great state.

We are very fortunate to have a bevy of great brewers and breweries here in Alaska. This post focuses on two new breweries in the Anchorage area, but recognizes that a brewery in Fairbanks is a welcome addition to the Fairbanks community.

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Brewery Takes Shape in Fairbanks Railroad/Industrial Area – Dermot Cole

HooDoo Brewing CompanyNewsminer favorite Dermot Cole always has the beat on what’s happening in Fairbanks. We were elated when he wanted to do piece on HooDoo.
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