Vanilla Porter Quick Bread with Barleywine Poached Pears

Absolute showstopper. Fun to make. Super flavor.

For me, there was no better way to celebrate our 2013 Barleywine release today than with a beer-infused, AK Beer Week treat. This was a new recipe for me. I saw it in Cooking Light magazine and KNEW I had to try it. Any flavorful, rich beer would be great in this recipe – try HooDoo Stout, the Vanilla Porter, or English Mild.

TIP: After poaching the pears, don’t toss out the poaching liquid. It’s infused with a lovely Barleywine and pear essence. I mean, it is ridiculous! It would be great in cocktails, drizzled on cake or your morning oatmeal, or stirred into yogurt…so be sure to save it.

HooDoo Brewing Co. Vanilla Porter Quick Bread

Barleywine for the pear hot tub + Porter for the bread = Beer for the cook.

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